Kris Carr, best content

Clearly, Kris Carr has been one of my biggest inspiration for now.
And when I say « inspiration », I don’t think that I mean it in a way « Someday I will do the same kind of work as she does » but more in a way « she taught me so much about life, some of her approaches will be part of it for forever ». Ok, that sounds cheesy, but, because her work is the shit I think that I don’t mind expressing myself this way.

Because I am a pretty passionate person, if I show interest in something/someone I will be searching every single bit of content I could to know more about it. That’s what I have been doing with Kris Carr. I think that this was one of my top five -research obsessions-, so it resulted in me knowing it all and now I clearly can say what is the best content that you could find about her on internet.

So I am going to make you a list of what you should check out about her, that I find the most interesting so you don’t have to get lost in freaking internet no man’s land to get the « crème de la crème ».

If you don’t know Kris Carr, she is a cancer patient survivor. She’s been diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer at 32 years old and it was not curable. So she’s been searching ways to live her best with her disease. She was supposed to live 10 years after her diagnosis but because of her amazing lifestyle she is dealing really great with her cancer. She made a movie about it, started a blog and inspired tons of people who had cancer but also persons who wanted to live a better lifestyle. She then made books about her diet and her tips and still runs a blog at

  • Her movie Crazy Sexy Cancer, you get to really know what she’s been through and how she get to do what she does. Really moving.
  • I really like this playlist of her vlogs. These ones are pretty old but I think they are really good because she talks about a large panel of her health staples (food, thoughts, exercise, juicing) in detail. I think that this is one of her greater source apart from her books. And secondly because if you like her as a person, you will enjoy this videos more than her blog posts I think. I always find this funny, but I think that most bloggers are definitely more present, raw and giving themselves as persons in their beginnings. I think that usually good content creators will always have high quality content « professionally » but not always « personally » in the long term. And I don’t think this is a derive cause of « fame », but a derive cause of getting more professional. Because their blog is their job, it becomes more « asepticised ».


  • I think that for having the best idea of what she’s eating and what she’s buying for food her articles on what she has on her fridge and in her pantry are really great.
  •  Then there are two kinds of content I find the most useful and interesting from Kris Carr:

Her « Chat and chew » videos. The ones I like the best are:

Healthy Travel Tips, Nick Ortner of Tapping Summit, Dr Kenneth Bock Supplements, Body Burden 411 with Heather White Environmental Working Group

-Her posts with infographics. Really educational ! The ones I like the best are:

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Her blog posts on how to make a green juice and a green smoothie.

Her really detailed posts about specific parts of a diet like Allergen friendly Vegan Protein Sources, Plant Based Iron-Rich Foods, Understanding Food Allergies and IntolerancesThe Sticky Truth About Sugars Sweets and Your Health

And the last one that regroup a lot of her advices’s 11 Most Popular Wellness Tips

About her books:

  • I think that Crazy Sexy Diet is really useful, there are all the informations that she has been collecting over the years. This is really interesting, knowledgeable, smart and if you have one thing to buy, I would say go for this one without any doubts.

I don’t own Crazy Sexy Cancer nor her juicing e-guide so I can’t say anything about it.

And concerning her book Crazy Sexy Kitchen…I didn’t really like it. For me this is a too much complex cuisine in the wrong way. As a french, and as a person who grew up in a really opened family about culture and foreign cuisine I am pretty picky. I am one of this people who have been testing one of the best foods all over the world (I have been traveling a lot, and my parents taught me what quality means) so I am not that much impressed. Yes I am one of this annoying people. And I am just sincere here, not being bitchy.

I am not saying that her book is wrong, not at all but what I dislike about it is that the recipes needs lots of ingredients and the majority of them take a long time to make. That is something really ok, but knowing that her goal is to make people make the switch to an healthier lifestyle, I find it a little bit controversial. That’s a book too complex for her goal and in the meantime you can’t call that a « haute cuisine » book. I think there are lots of healthy cooking bloggers that would do a better job. If you want to, I will make you a post about it if this is something that you would be interested in.

  • There are still three things that I love about it :

-the advices on what to shop, how to use kitchen equipment etc.. at the beginning of the book

-the juices and smoothies recipes

-and the best thing in my opinion are the cooking classes that you can download with a password on her site once you get the book. Really really great content. And I love the dinner with EWG and Kenneth Bock too.

  • And last but not least, this interview, so good:


PS: There was also a radio interview by Kris Carr of Alexandra Jamieson and Gena Hamshaw that I liked, but I flipping can’t find it anymore so…One day, you never know.

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